Friday, June 22, 2012

How to sync Samsung Galaxy S3 with iTunes using Kies

Switching from  an iPhone to an Android power device will cause you to lose the ability to transfer media from your iTunes library.

Download, install and configure Samsung Kies
  1. Download and install Kies from
  2. After your download has completed connect your device and run Kies
  3. Follow the promps on Kies to setup media conversion with iTunes Note: From personal experience I originally had trouble with Kies connecting to my device when I had Easy Phone Tunes installed and configured.  I uninstalled Easy Phone Tunes to fix this problem
  4. Press the Sync tab across the top of the Kies program window, then place a check mark in the box next to the media your would like to sync.
  5. Press the Sync button to sync your iTunes media with your device

1 comment:

  1. does this work with podcasts in iTunes and keeping what is played and un-played current as well?